2023 President’s Annual Report
YSpace ELLA expands entrepreneurship support for women across Canada 
Right the Future

Accelerator will create thriving environment for women entrepreneurs

Ontario’s first accelerator for women-led products and service-based businesses will expand entrepreneurial support for women across Canada thanks to $3 million from a federal government grant. 

Since 2019, YSpace ELLA has been helping women entrepreneurs in Ontario thrive by addressing systemic barriers to success and providing access to resources, skills and mentorship. 

The funding will enable ELLA to support women entrepreneurs across Canada through three national programs: ELLA Express, ELLA Ascend and ELLA Altitude. The programs are designed to help women at various stages of their businesses, from launching and growing their businesses, to supporting early-stage businesses and scale-ups. YSpace ELLA provides women entrepreneurs with a range of support in areas such as financing, resources, networks and other supports. 

The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) helped established YSpace ELLA in 2019, leading to a tailored accelerator program for women entrepreneurs working in areas like tech, retail and food and beverage industries. Since its creation, YSpace ELLA has supported 167 women and its ventures have generated $15.9 million.