2023 President’s Annual Report

Advancing Global Engagement

a diverse group of smiling people stand and sit on the rocks at the base of a waterfall. All of the people smile for photo.
Right the Future

Our commitment to internationalization has been embedded into our DNA since our founding in 1959. With the launch of our new Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy, we are reaffirming the global connections we have built at home and abroad.

Over the last year, we have connected with new and existing partners around the world to forge a brighter future and solve the world’s most pressing global issues; created in-person and virtual global learning opportunities for our students that will advance the SDGs; worked with research partners on innovative research projects; and displayed our leadership on the world stage at international events.

By the Numbers

number of international undergraduate students
number of international graduate students
students engaged in Globally Networked Learning (GNL) Courses

Our students come from all over the world


Label Value
China 42.3
India 13.9
Iran 5.1
Nigeria 4.8
Bangladesh 4.2
Vietnam 3.5
South Korea 2.4
Pakistan 2
Hong Kong 1.2
France 1.2


Label Value
India 26.2
China 25.2
Iran 14
United States 4
Nigeria 3.3
Pakistan 2.2
Bangladesh 2
Ghana 1.5
Turkey 1.4
Brazil 1.2
YorkU was the first school that welcomed me when I arrived in Canada as a Syrian newcomer. Beyond grateful to everyone at York who empowered me to achieve my dream of becoming a medical doctor.”
Batool Barody
Faculty of Science, Bachelor degree (YorkU)
Munk School of Global Affairs Master’s degree (UofT)
3rd year medical student at Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Alumni (2023 Top 30 under 30)
The Paulina Lau scholars program allowed me to gain a better understanding of different cultures which further strengthened my skills as a communications student. With this experience I strive to make positive change in the community by encouraging other students to also join the exchange program at York University.”
Juda Borras
Student, Paulina Lau Scholar

New Global Strategy magnifies York’s global impact  

In March 2023, York launched Engaging the World: York University’s Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy, 2022-2027, which complements York’s commitment to advancing global engagement as outlined in the Academic Plan 2020-2025. The strategy aims to expand the University’s global reach and position it as a positive force for global challenges like climate change, poverty, inequality and political polarization.
4. Quality Education
10. Reduced Inequalities
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Global partnership supports health care transformation in Guyana  

An innovative new partnership between the Schulich School of Business and the Ministry of Health, Government of Guyana is contributing to transformational change in the country’s health care sector.
3. Good Health & Well Being
4. Quality Education
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Creating accessible pathways to international learning  

York’s Globally Networked Learning (GNL) program is redefining global education by providing inclusive and accessible international opportunities for students and professors.   Launched as part of the pandemic response in summer of 2020, GNL offers an accessible way to internationalize teaching and learning experiences by combining cross-cultural perspectives with the use of technology.​
4. Quality Education
10. Reduced Inequalities
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Broadening students’ horizons through global exchanges 

With the return of international travel, York University is advancing global engagement through international exchanges and internships. These programs offer life-changing international opportunities to journey to diverse locations, and enable students to enhance their academic growth, career-readiness, and personal development. 
4. Quality Education
10. Reduced Inequalities
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthening Canada’s academic ties to Asia

York University was an academic sponsor of the inaugural Canada in Asia Conference (CIAC), which took place in Singapore in February 2023. The conference was attended by CEOs, ministers, government officials, university leaders and alumni, with the united goal to strengthen Canada’s ties in the Asia-Pacific region.
4. Quality Education
17. Partnerships for the Goals

​Boosting global engagement post-pandemic 

York has elevated its in-person global engagement both at home and abroad post-pandemic, by participating in numerous international trips and hosting over 40 visiting delegations.