2023 President’s Annual Report
York’s proposed School of Medicine will train a new generation of primary care physicians
Right the Future

The School will offer an integrative, preventative approach to education

York University is creating a bold new medical school that will take a preventative approach to health care, including an understanding of the social and economic determinants of health – with the goal of keeping people healthier for longer in their communities.  

The new School of Medicine will focus on preparing the next generation of frontline primary care physicians. Trained to work within integrative primary health care teams, the School’s graduates will create positive change by targeting the underserved communities of northern Toronto, York Region, Simcoe County and Muskoka. 

Medical students will learn and work with other health care professionals in primary care including nurses, nurse practitioners, and rehabilitation therapists, among many others—at common learning sites, including hospitals, family health centres and other health clinics, leveraging the work of Ontario Health Teams in our many communities.  

Students will also be trained on data analytics and advanced diagnostics, contributing to urgently needed research on population health risks and interventions—to lead the way and help right the future. 

In addition, the University will develop an exciting two-year Pre-Health Pathway Program to offer all students, including mature students, the opportunity to prepare for a variety of health-related programs, including medicine.