2023 President’s Annual Report
York launches first of a kind Decolonization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 
Right the Future

The Strategy will promote a more inclusive and welcoming environment across research, administration and campus culture

In May 2023, York University launched its Decolonizing, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI) Strategy, marking a vital moment in York’s history that brings it closer to realizing its vision and living its values of a welcoming, diverse and inclusive learning environment.

York is one of the first universities to include decolonizing in a meaningful way in a document of this kind. The strategy incorporates five strategic directions that provide focus for enabling activities: teaching and learning, research and innovation, representation and success, campus climate and environment, and leadership and capacity building.  

Work on the DEDI Strategy began in 2021, aided by the President’s Advisory Council on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which provided advice on the new strategy’s development, and the York community, who provided feedback on the Draft Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.  

The strategy is a living document and is the beginning of a continually evolving conversation, as it allows for the examination of the University over time. Several recommendations are already in progress with annual goals and targets and a toolkit is set to be released in Fall 2023.