2023 President’s Annual Report
Working in partnership to promote a safe and inclusive community
Right the Future

Security Services Review adopts a community-centric approach

Governed by core values of diversity and inclusion, York University is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable campus environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected and safe. In February 2022, the University formed an internal expert panel to undertake a review of its security services – an action first identified in the Action Plan on Black Inclusion: A Living Document for Action. Following a one-year review, York released the panel’s final report and recommendations in April 2023. The overarching recommendation is to transition York away from the current law enforcement model that guides its security services and implement an alternative, community-centric model.  

The review of York’s security services was grounded in transparent consultation and supported by strong partnerships between Black community members and the York community. To ensure the review was conducted with an intersectional lens, the panel engaged in meaningful discussion and consultation with all equity-deserving groups on campus, including community members who are Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQIA+ and individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. As we seek to transform security services at the University, ongoing engagement with students, faculty and staff and community partners will enable us to develop solutions that benefit our diverse campus community.