2023 President’s Annual Report
New research expansion project set to transform global health
Right the Future

York University’s expanded Sherman Health Sciences Research Centre will boost research and experiential education opportunities for students and faculty

A revolutionary new Neuroscience Laboratory and Research Building began construction in August 2022 – the work is part of plans to expand the current Sherman Health Sciences Research Centre by adding a 52,000 square-foot, two-story structure which will foster interdisciplinary research opportunities and provide students with more experiential learning.

The Centre, which opened in 2010, thanks to the generosity of philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman, is a world-class hub for interdisciplinary research with a focus on biomedicine, brain function, vision, robotics and virtual reality. 

The new building is funded in part by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. It will act as a focal point for neuroscientists across the world and a driver of cutting-edge research that serves all from victims of traumatic brain injuries and athletes with sport concussions to homeless individuals with clinical conditions.  

The Centre will advance York’s commitment to interdisciplinary research, sustainability, creating a positive community impact, education and the discovery of innovative solutions for healthier, safer and more productive lives.