2023 President’s Annual Report
Empowering cutting-edge sustainability research  
Right the Future

York awards $50,000 to research projects to advance sustainability

In May 2023, York University announced the recipients of its second round of funding from its Sustainability Innovation Fund (SIF). The SIF is designed to bolster York-based sustainability projects that contribute to its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent by 2030, achieving net-zero emissions by 2049 and to the Sustainable Development Goals more broadly. 

The SIF awarded a total of $50,000 to four projects. One project, “Determining the merits of large battery electricity storage at York University” will be led by Tim Hampton and Mark Winfield from the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, Hany Farag from the Lassonde School of Engineering and Steve Prince from Facilities Services. It will assess the environmental reduction impact, the campus infrastructure fit, and cost reduction potential of a large battery storage system at York.  

The other projects that were awarded funding through the SIF are: 

  • Living Learning Community – Sustainability: a pilot project by Residence Life, which will address sustainability during the 2023-2024 academic year. 
  • York University Composting Centre: a project to continue development of an on-site composting centre. 
  • Green Career Fair: Exploring Climate Careers to Achieve Net Zero: this project will host an annual Green Career Fair at York.