2023 President’s Annual Report
Creating accessible pathways to international learning  
Right the Future

More than 900 students have taken advantage of global learning opportunities

York’s Globally Networked Learning (GNL) program is redefining global education by providing inclusive and accessible international opportunities for students and professors.  

Launched as part of the pandemic response in summer of 2020, GNL offers an accessible way to internationalize teaching and learning experiences by combining cross-cultural perspectives with the use of technology.​ Since its inception, there have been 56 GNL projects, with eight projects taking place in the 2022-2023 academic year. A total of 1600+ students from York and partner institutions participated in GNL courses. 

GNL allows students to participate online, providing global learning opportunities for students who may face barriers to travelling abroad. Students gain digital fluency, cross-cultural competencies and expanded global perspectives, as they connect with students in other countries.  

Faculty can co-design collaborative activities for students with their peers abroad based on desired learning outcomes. Integrated supports for Faculty members include some financial assistance, access to a network of 300+ partners across 60 countries, and hands-on support in developing the projects. 

York’s GNL program has also attracted high acclaim for its groundbreaking approach to online internationalization. In 2022, the Canadian Bureau of International Education awarded the Panorama Excellence Award to York’s GNL program.