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2023 President’s Annual Report
York University releases its new Strategic Research Plan 2023-2028  
Right the Future

The plan will explore global opportunities in areas such as disruptive technologies, Indigenous futurities and climate action

This past spring, York unveiled a new strategic research plan that aims to accelerate and intensify the institution’s research enterprise over the next five years. Knowledge for the Future: From Creation and Discovery to Application was developed after months of open forums, public consultations, and input from over 1,500 members of the campus community.

The plan showcases the breadth and depth of research excellence at York and offers a vision for the University to further develop its research, scholarship, and creative activity. The strategic research plan is a vital element to complement the UAP that charts York’s overall direction.

The plan identifies six areas of existing research strengths and six areas of opportunity for York to prioritize beginning this year through to 2028.

Six areas of strength:

  • Advancing Fundamental, Discovery and Theoretical Research and Scholarship
  • Illuminating Cultures and Cultivating Creativity
  • Building Healthy Lives, Communities and Reimagining Futures
  • Reaching New Horizons in Science, Technology and Society
  • Pursuing Justice, Equity and Sustainability: From Urban Dynamics to Global Challenges
  • Elevating Entrepreneurship Through Socially Responsible Innovation

Six areas of research opportunity:

  • Digital Cultures and Disruptive Technologies
  • Healthy Communities, Equity and Global Well-being
  • Indigenous Futurities
  • Climate Action for a Sustainable Planet
  • Social Justice, Peace and Equitable Relations
  • Inter and Transdisciplinary Research Innovation