2023 President’s Annual Report
Exploring ecological justice in Costa Rica through art 
Right the Future

New Global Eco-Arts Residency to launch at Las Nubes EcoCampus

Starting in May 2024, students in York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) will have the opportunity to participate in a Global Eco-Arts Residency at the Las Nubas EcoCampus in Costa Rica. During the residency, students will gain critical professional skills as they learn about and develop community engaged art projects focused on ecological justice concerns. 

Professional artists are increasingly participating in international residency and non-traditional museum projects. The 10-day, intensive residency will prepare students for this professional reality, providing them with the skills to work globally and collaborate with communities with diverse perspectives rooted in unique social and political realities.  

The residency will take place during the 2024 Summer term. Course work will involve research centred on the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor preserve and surrounding communities, and will emphasize developing research methodologies and strategies for building community-driven, site-oriented and collaborative approaches to art production. Student and faculty projects will be installed on the EcoCampus and will be known as the Living Museum.  

The course is designed for senior level undergraduate students in AMPD’s practice-based programs, as well as graduate students in practice-based programs.