2023 President’s Annual Report
Designing sustainable programs for municipalities
Right the Future

York University partners with the Town of Newmarket to realize sustainable future

In September 2022, York University and the Town of Newmarket partnered to realize their shared vision of creating healthy and prosperous communities.  

The five-year partnership aims to bolster education, professional development and research in ways that improve lives, institutions and environmental sustainability. As part of this initiative, York University will take the lead in hosting and designing innovative programs tailored for Newmarket, which include community and executive education initiatives. In return, the Town will provide experiential learning opportunities for York students in key areas such as Public Policy Administration and Law, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies, Law, Glendon Interpretation Program, Engineering and Technology.  

The collaboration also endeavours to generate evidence that informs the Town’s policies in areas such as technological advancement, transportation, sustainability, and equity, diversity, and inclusion; and create a model for collective action that will inspire other communities to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future.