2023 President’s Annual Report
Academic integrity for AI (AI for AI)
Right the Future

York launches a new webpage to help educators manage academic integrity and AI with students

In the 2022-2023 academic year, York University launched the AI Technology and Academic Integrity webpage to equip educators with strategies to work with students on the benefits and pitfalls of AI, while preserving the principles of academic integrity. 

The site draws on York’s Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. Specific attention is given to ChatGPT, a new resource that can generate essays and code and math solutions in ways that may breach academic honesty principles. To mitigate this risk, the resource offers multiple recommendations for educators, ranging from communicating openly with students about their academic integrity expectations with respect to AI and its ethical implications; developing a method for students to communicate when they have used AI in their work; and redesigning assessments, for example, by asking students to do hand-written assignments in class.